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Currently at Microsoft, another server fix

GT-Systems visits Microsoft to fix a server


Viruses and Worms infecting your system, then call GT-Systems

Viruses and Worms infecting your system, then call GT-Systems #ITsupport #smes


Viruses and Worms infecting your system

Why do I have Slow Internet

Here are a few examples that are causing that and what can be done
1. The distance you are from the telephone Exchange is the main factor of slow internet; if possible try to upgrade to a fibre connection.
2. Virus and Malware are always sending back data across the internet using up valuable bandwidth.
3. Wi-Fi connections, if your router is not setup correctly to use the non-least channel, enter the router’s configuration and enable smart scan or manually select the least used channel.
4. The time of the day, try using the internet at off peak times, between 7pm & 9pm are when people us the internet the most.
5. Browsers, some of internet browsers will work faster but not necessarily will work correctly on all sites. Other than internet Explorer they are Firefox, Chrome, Opera that’s just to name a few.