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UK Christmas Postage Dates

Welcome to the beautiful festive season of panic buying, wrapping and posting.

It might sound simple, but ensuring your perfect gift arrives in time can be trickier than you think.

Whether you’re looking to post an item or receive it before 25 December; it’s important that you know your deadlines to avoid tears on Christmas morning – and to help, we’ve broken down the key dates for your diary below.

Royal Mail has officially published its recommended posting dates for Christmas 2017

Dates in full:

  • Wednesday 20 December for 2nd Class delivery and Royal Mail Signed For 2nd Class.
  • Thursday 21 December for 1st Class, Royal Mail Signed For 1st Class and Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed.
  • Friday 22 December for Royal Mail Special Delivery Saturday Guaranteed.



This information was supplied by the Post Office

Today’s Tips – Your computer won’t start

When your computer doesn’t start this could be a very worrying but there are some simple things that could be preventing your computer from starting, firstly go through the checklist below

  • If you are using a PC, make sure the screen is powered and on
  • If you have moved the PC, check to see if any of the cables has not fallen out
  • Lastly, check to see if there is no external hard drive or USB stick still inserted in the USB port


If all the steps have been checked and your computer still doesn’t start please call GT-Systems we’re we are happy to assist

GT-Systems – 01604 807824 or [email protected] – Click HERE for Help


Today’s News – Ransomware hits again

As predicted a new variant of the WannaCry ransomware virus called ‘Petya’ has appeared causing havoc and crippling many companies, like before this virus affects the Windows operating system.

Microsoft has made patches to protect the operating system from this type attack.

To minimize a possible infection from this Petya malware virus keep the operating system and antivirus up to date.

Contact GT-Systems for further information on the prevention of the ransomware virus at home and at work

Today’s News – Keep your guard up

We all out there thinks this virus has been forted, this is not the case there has been a sudden increase in variants to this malicious Virus, been vigilant as what email and files you open.


Contact GT-Systems for more help

This Week’s News: – Don’t fall Victim to the WannaCry Virus & Backup

As most of you are aware that a global malware attack infected 100’s of 1000’s computers, this included home user to corporate giants.

What should you do so that you will not fall victim to this….

Keep all your computers up to date with all the latest updates & patches

Keep your antivirus software updated, if you do not want to pay for it there are plenty of vendors out there that will offer you a free alternative

Keep at least 3 copies of your files

  1. Network Backup also known as NAS Backup
  2. Hidden External Hard Drive
  3. Cloud Backup i.e. Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox

At least do a backup once a week but if you have enough storage and time backup every day

For windows user you backup by copying these folders to your backup devices, if you have more than one user account on the computer do this for every account.

First open explore and click Computer or My Computer, click users, then the users.


  1. Contacts
  2. Desktop
  3. Documents
  5. Favourites
  6. Links
  7. Pictures

Right Click copy, go over to the external drive create a new folder with today date and within that create another folder with the users name and paste into that.

This way you will have a staggered copy of your files with different dates just in case the file you wanted was corrupted on the previous backup.

Keep Safe and backup……….

Today’s Tip: – Don’t Get Compromised

If your data got compromised today how would it impact on your business?
You may find that you can no longer login to your online cloud storage, the password has been changed, the files have been copied and circulated, the account has been locked or worse still the accounts has been totally deleted.

What can you do to prevent this happening to you?
• For each account have a different password
• Make a regular copy of your files to another location
• Keep your antivirus up to date
• Email can be spoofed so double check who you are receiving emails from even though you know the contact

All these basic steps will keep you ahead of the bad guys

Happy Easter from us all at GT-Systems

We all at GT-systems would like to wish you a Happy Easter




Today’s News – That is a lot of Spam

Email Spam is such a nuisance, we use emails more and more each day from general chit-chat to arranging that important meeting.
Emails are even classed as a legal document
We at GT-Systems can host your emails with protection of our 2 layer security system to minimise spam & viruses in your inbox.
Our basic package start at £5 per month consisting is 5 email addresses. Need more information give us a call

More info on Email Spam


Leprechauns messing with your files

Leprechauns messing with your files, making your computer run at a snails pace, call GT-Systems to speed up your computer and protect your pot of Gold


Computer Leprechauns

Computer Love – Happy Valentines

❤️️ Everyday take time to Love & Care for It and it will never let you down, Happy Valentines