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Happy New Year 2019

Wishing you all a Happy New Year from all of us from GT-Systems



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O2 Outage – The Cause

During the 6th December 2018, O2 and many other operators than use the O2 network suffered major outages leaving millions of customers with no communications.

Many rumors started to spread saying the company’s networks have been hacked or compromised, O2 quiet quickly squashed that rumor saying that they were not hacked.

24 hours later a high proportion of the network is back up, what was the cause of this major incident, apparently, some Ericson equipment using a faulty version of the software had certificates that expired this rendered them not trustworthy and so security protocols kicked in and shut down the offending equipment.

Ericson has apologised to their customers saying most of the affected customers’ network services have been successfully restored. We are working closely with the remaining customers that are still experiencing issues.

So far 2 days later all seems to be back to normal.

O2 has kindly offered 2 days compensation for the 6th December interruptions.



2018 Christmas Postage Dates

Welcome to the beautiful festive season of panic buying, wrapping and posting.

It might sound simple, but ensuring your perfect gift arrives in time can be trickier than you think.

Whether you’re looking to post an item or receive it before 25 December; it’s important that you know your deadlines to avoid tears on Christmas morning – and to help, we’ve broken down the key dates for your diary below.

Royal Mail has officially published its recommended posting dates for Christmas 2018

Dates in full:

Tuesday 18 December – Royal Mail 2nd Class |  Royal Mail Signed For 2nd® Class

Thursday 20 December – Royal Mail 1st Class  |  Royal Mail Signed For® 1st Class  |  Parcelforce Worldwide express48 & express48 Large

Friday 21 December – Parcelforce Worldwide express24, AM, 9 & 10

Saturday 22 December – Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed®


Information provided by the Post Office

Beware of Phishing Emails

At this part of the year, we see a sudden increase in Phishing emails.

What are Phishing Emails?

  • They are emails that look like they came from a legitimate company i.e. Banks, Supermarkets, social media plus loads more

Generally, they will ask you to fill out a form requesting all of your details including passwords

What is real and what’s fake and where to look

  • The email address where the email came from is the main give away, in a lot of case it looks like it came from someone’s personal email account, these are people that have had their email address hacked prior to this
  • This next way to spot a fake email, if the email asks you to click a link that leads you to an obscure website name
  • Real companies will never ask you for your password or bank details, especially the CVC code on the back of the card

What are the attachments within the email?

  • Another form of phishing is sending attachments with the email and asking the recipient to open it and fill out the form, if you do happen to open these types of attachment’s in most of the time it’s too late, your computer will be infected then the whole cycle will start again using your email address to send out phishing emails to all of your friends and family
  • If you’re not expecting an email Do not open the attachments claiming to be invoices, bank statements and so on

How would I know if I get infected and what shall I do?

  • The first thing you will notice if that your company may start to be extremely slow at responding, apps and programs take ages to load
  • The other thing you will start getting calls from your friends and family saying that you are sending then spam to them
  • The first thing to do is update your antivirus guard and run a full detailed scan
  • In more extreme cases a full system restore is needed