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World’s first block-chain based phone

Taiwanese electronics giant ‘Foxconn’ has currently have a joint venture with a mobile phone manufacturer to develop the first $1000 Blockchain smartphone codename ‘Finney’

This phone will be first in its type to have all the blockchain experience embedded into one device without the need for a separate USB device.

With a business start-up of $158m, there have already been pre-orders of 25,000 units.

The blockchain isn’t just for finance, there a verity of other uses from food ordering to prescription payments.

The future of blockchain and cryptocurrency isn’t going away, after a massive fall last year on its value, there now seem to be a steady market growth.

Facebook suffers huge outages

Last night Facebook suffered its worst outage ever leaving millions of customers with no access to feeds for up to 8 hours, Instagram another part of the Facebook empire also suffered the same fate, so many users yet again took twitter with the hashtag #FacebookDown and #InstagramDown have been used more than 160,000 times so far, it is not sure if WhatsApp has suffered the same fate.

At this point, there has been no response from Facebook about the incident

Internet turns 30 today

The internet turns 30 years old today, the inventor Sir Tim Laid wanted the world to be interconnected and for free with no restrictions, but over the past few years, Sir Tim has noticed several warning signs, one of which is a vast amount of companies offering free content or software to gain personal information. This type of activity treads all over the aspect of privacy.

The other warning signs are the ease in which misinformation (fake news) is easily spread about the social media websites with no verification of its authenticity, as more and more of us use the internet for news and the speed in which we receive this, things can get easily out of hand.

We should all be responsible for what goes on the internet.

Keep the internet clean and let’s see the next 30 years be more beneficial to mankind

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