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KHS Testimonial

Thank you, KHS Plastics

We at GT-Systems strive to deliver a first class service, many thanks to KHS plastic for your great testimonial

KHS Plastics Solutions

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Supporting Pride & Lowdown

We’re always happy to support charities & Courses, Pride Northampton & Lowdown Northampton in conjunction with the Northampton Borough Council

Lowdown is a counselling service in Northampton offering Emotional Support, Wellbeing, Sexual Health, Contraception and LGBQT

Lowdown has on site Crisis Café that is open at the Café Track every Monday 4pm to 8pm at the moment there is an appointment only face to face meeting during the Covid-19 crisis

Our VJ & DJ line-up for this event is

  • Vj Gary
  • Dj Jamie C
  • Paul Biz
  • Dj Betti
  • Sub:Merge
  • Dj Matt Smith
  • Depth of the Groove
  • Dj Marshi
  • Ian Loveshack
  • Sarah Clarke
  • NNPark
  • Dave Preston

To Donate to this great course click the link below


Transform your old Laptop

We at GT-Systems getting so many calls on laptops especially old laptops, since the lockdown parents are increasingly finding it hard to supply laptops to the kids for schoolwork

If you have upgraded your laptop in the past 5 years and you still have it, there is good chance we can bring back to life with an upgrade back to what it was like when it was new or better

So, look in the cupboard and let us upgrade it


DJ’s United For Our NHS

We had the great honour of hosting the  #djsunitednhs

On Monday the 6th a few friends (Ian , Mark Manning & Sarah Clarke) had an idea, why don’t we get a few DJ’s together and do a 24 hour non-stop online extravaganza to raise £3000 for the NHS, this idea was so popular the event had to be extended to 48 hours.

Gehric of -Systems was approached to the technical background and online streams from the DJs, process it and re-stream to lots of other platforms, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Twitter, of course, we accepted this great fund-raising idea

A full 48hrs of back to back music from all styles and genres. On Good Friday, DJ’s showing appreciation for our fantastic and amazing NHS came together in support.

The NHS themselves on the front line for us during these unprecedented times. All they ask is for us to stay at home.

Over the last few days, DJ’s came together who gave up their time and DJ’ing from their homes, to put on a bit of a festival and to help you get through these indifferent times.

We look forward to supporting more events over the coming weeks and months.

You can also donate to our NHS to show your appreciation for what they are doing. Let’s get connected, respect each other and stay at home.

Donate here, thank you 🙏🏽


Pitfalls to avoid while using online conferencing

Zoom, Skype, Teams, HouseParty, WebEx

We’ve been helping so many individuals and business setup for working at home that we came across so many pitfalls many users come across, so we have put together a sort of prerequisites for having a fault-free online video conference experience

  • There have been times where some users grabbed an old laptop that was lying in the cupboard, in a lot of those cases it is running an old or outdated operating system, always upgrade to the latest version. A computer with an outdated operation system highly vulnerable to viruses and malware as it is no longer supported
  • ·         Make sure your computer has the latest updates installed, even though it has just finished installing a current set, force the computer to look for more updates by going to the ‘Windows Update’ section and select check for updates and if there any install the updates, keep doing this until it says no more updates available
  • ·         Make sure your antivirus is up to date, like with the windows update above, force it to look for more updates. When this is completed it is always wise to run a full scan of the computers hard-drive
  • ·         Testing the audio, on some computers it may say there is a microphone already installed, to make sure you do have a microphone, and it is working, go into the settings sections of the conference software i.e. Zoom, Skype, Teams, HouseParty, WebEx, etc. and do an audio test. We recommend using a headset for this, a lot of headsets have a noise-canceling feature that will cut out any background noises, this makes your voice sound clearer for everyone to understand
  • ·         Test your webcam, similar to the audio in settings above, there is a section for this in your webcam program, check to see if you can see yourself in the box, some mobile users find themselves stuck in the vertical frame and can’t get the horizontal landscape aspect even though the phone is tilted, there is an option in the settings of the phone to unlock the aspect in the vertical aspect, uncheck this feature so both axis is available when the phone is tilted

A good thing to get into when you are not speaking is too “mute“your microphone, prevention of coughs, knocks, people in the background and worse of all, accidentally swearing.

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Mobile Networks are experiencing voice network issues

O2 & EE have reported that they are currently experiencing voice call issues, mobile phone users have been reporting dropped calls or no call connection, as this is only affecting voice calls Data has not been affected if you do need to make calls the use of apps such WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger & Apple’s Facetime is a great alternative

Meanwhile, both mobile phone providers have said they are both currently dealing with the issue


Working from Home

Is your company thinking about its staff working from home to increase flexibility and a 91% increase in productivity than working from the office, the struggles of getting to and from work are bad enough, but in this day and age, technology has made significant leaps and bounds so the security of your access is safe and secure.

Most documents can be accessed from a centralized location on the cloud or in other cases a secure VPN is more what you like, still having a connection to the local resources i.e. Printers and files.

We at GT-Systems has the expertise to achieve this, why don’t you have a chat with one of the team

GT-Systems “Making IT Work for You”


Crypto Virus on the Rise

We have noticed a sudden spike of the new variant of the ransomware virus also known as Crypto Virus, once the virus is on your pc or server and running it will start encrypting all your important files i.e. Pictures, documents and in some case your backup files too. To unlock these files there are several website that could give you a key, but please be aware these author are getting better at this and a lot of the time these keys don’t work and you are left to pay the author a lot of money to send you a key and in these case doesn’t work

There are several safeguards that you could implement to mitigate the damage of this type of virus

  • Keep your antivirus up to date
  • Keep on top of all software updates
  • Make sure you have a backup solution in place and test it
  • Manual regular backup of the files
  • Use your free storage from Google and Microsoft to store a copy of your vital files

If you looking for IT help and support, go to our Contact Us Page fill out the form and one of our skilled technicians will call you back

northampton samaritans logo

Samaritan’s comment

Yesterday, Julia Ginns a member of the Northampton Samaritans ask us for some help with the installation of some new IT equipment they have received, we gladly helped and because of that we received a lovely comment on our Facebook page, Thank you for the comment.

Julia Ginns comment

” Thank You! to GT-Systems, Gehric, supports our computers at Northampton Samaritans and has spent nearly all day today setting up our new Chromeboxes. We’re SO GRATEFUL!! Thank you again for helping us keep up to date so we can support our callers.
Samaritans – 116123 – freephone “

The Northampton Samaritans are one of our chosen charities we are happy to support

If you looking for IT help and support, go to our Contact Us Page fill out the form and one of our skilled technicians will call you back

Windows 7 is dead

Yes, that’s rite Microsoft has ended support for windows 7 on the 14th January 2020, those you that are still using Windows7 should consider upgrading to the latest version of Microsoft operating system ‘Windows10’

Hacking has been known to hold back till the end of life of an operating before sending out Viruses & Malware knowing that Microsoft will not send out any updates and fixes, this why is why it is so important to upgrade NOW to Windows10.

There are many ways to upgrade yourself, but if you find this difficult, we at GT-Systems have a team of skilled technicians who will do this for you.

Get updated today and call us on 01604 807824

windows 7 is dead Keep calm upgrade to win10