Huawei 6 weeks on

Wow!, so much has been going on, so this is the story so far, the US government has removed the restriction on Huawei products being brought and sold by US companies, all in all what can we decipher is that the whole banning of Huawei was not down to security issues but basically it was more like an economic balance policy trying to make US companies more attractable to the world, unfortunately Australia & New Zealand followed the United states and also banned all Huawei products while other western countries held off.

We think the some other reasons to restriction removal could be down to the 5G roll out, since Huawei has put in $billions of dollars into their R&D and has the majority of the 5G patents this has kept them 18 months ahead of their competition.

The lifting of the ban, US tech companies and seen a small rise in their market share price, but all of this has placed a second thought wanting to deal with them.

This is only a small snippet on what has been happening, this whole Huawei is so complicated and the banning has left this whole thing in a mess.

What’s happening in the world of Huawei

This week we have seen some unprecedented decision from the US government, specially targeting China’s biggest firm Huawei

The US has put Huawei on the black list of companies not to do business with, once the word got out Google released a statement saying that they will no longer support any of Huawei Android phone products, What does this mean for the consumer, Google is saying that there current line of Android mobile devices will still can continue to use the Google service and updates but any new products will not be licenced to use the full fledge version of Android Operating systems

Other US companies like Chip giants Intel & Qualcomm has followed in the banning of their relation with Huawei and because of this the share prices of Google and the Chip giants plummeted

As a consumer we hear what the US intelligent agency is saying and all we ask where is the prove, over the past 10 years plus Huawei products has been used in so many telecoms companies across the world and over that time there has not been 1 reported incident of DATA being breach and sent to the Chinese government, on the hand Cisco has been known on several times putting backdoors into their product from the request of the NSA

What will happen to Huawei, there has been rumours that Huawei will develop their own brand of the open source Android operating systems or just develop their own totally new operating systems

This is something that we need to keep an eye for, especially for US firms at the drop of a hat the US government can say to US companies you can’t deal with that company anymore with immediate effect failing to do so that company could face huge fines or suspension for trading outside of the US.

HUAWEI P30 Pro Smartphone

Security breach found in WhatsApp

A very popular app called WhatsApp used by millions used in both Android and IPhone has had a breach in its software; this breach doesn’t affect the end to end encryption between users but the phone itself, the spyware is initiated simply by calling that users whether the user picks up or not

WhatsApp released a statement on Monday 13th May 2019 saying that the breach has occurred.

WhatsApp urges users to update their phones immediately; with this breach hackers could gain access to contacts, images, camera and microphone without the knowledge of the user.

There is rumour that the Israeli had developed the spyware and sold it to various countries to spy on their citizen’s but it only looks like this spyware was directed at certain human rights groups.


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Another Lovely Testimonial

Working the Samaritans is very rewarding, knowing that our work contributes so much and then receiving this lovely testimonial from our friends of the Northampton Samaritans has been well received from us all at GT-Systems


Samaritans is a unique charity dedicated to reducing feelings of isolation and disconnection that can lead to suicide. Contact the Samaritans 24/7

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Hackers can use your webcam to spy on you

In the recent weeks and months there have a phising emails doing the rounds, claiming that they have footage of you and if you don’t pay them, they would release the footage to all in your contacts lists.

Below are a few things you can do to avoid this….

Be extremely careful when opening emails and don’t solely rely on your firewall or antivirus to filter these kind of emails you have to do your part too, a lot of emails looks very genuine and if that email is asking you to click on a link for example to update your password, the best thing to do is right click on the link there you will see where that link actually takes you.

Another tell tale sign of a scrupulous email is when they start off by saying “Dear customer” and not your actual name.

All webcams should be covered up, pointed away or even disconnected.

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Logitech Webcam

Upgrading Royal Air Force Simulator

Currently at the Royal Air Force upgrading their chinook flight simulator hardware, wow what a system it’s so realistic



Received a Testimonial

We received a lovely testimonial from NCN Resourcing & Consultancy Ltd, Thank You

World’s first block-chain based phone

Taiwanese electronics giant ‘Foxconn’ has currently have a joint venture with a mobile phone manufacturer to develop the first $1000 Blockchain smartphone codename ‘Finney’

This phone will be first in its type to have all the blockchain experience embedded into one device without the need for a separate USB device.

With a business start-up of $158m, there have already been pre-orders of 25,000 units.

The blockchain isn’t just for finance, there a verity of other uses from food ordering to prescription payments.

The future of blockchain and cryptocurrency isn’t going away, after a massive fall last year on its value, there now seem to be a steady market growth.

Internet turns 30 today

The internet turns 30 years old today, the inventor Sir Tim Laid wanted the world to be interconnected and for free with no restrictions, but over the past few years, Sir Tim has noticed several warning signs, one of which is a vast amount of companies offering free content or software to gain personal information. This type of activity treads all over the aspect of privacy.

The other warning signs are the ease in which misinformation (fake news) is easily spread about the social media websites with no verification of its authenticity, as more and more of us use the internet for news and the speed in which we receive this, things can get easily out of hand.

We should all be responsible for what goes on the internet.

Keep the internet clean and let’s see the next 30 years be more beneficial to mankind

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Happy New Year 2019

Wishing you all a Happy New Year from all of us from GT-Systems



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