Leprechauns messing with your files

Leprechauns messing with your files, making your computer run at a snails pace, call GT-Systems to speed up your computer and protect your pot of Gold


Computer Leprechauns

Computer Love – Happy Valentines

❤️️ Everyday take time to Love & Care for It and it will never let you down, Happy Valentines


When it comes to IT – Speed is Key

Since the early days of the Industrial revolution, technological development has gone hand in hand with speed.  Factories, cars, aeroplanes, mobile phones – they’re all about efficiency and speed.  Computers are no different.

As for Personal Computers, instead of running on single core processors, they are now using up to eight core processors.  And, out go spinning disk hard drives, to be replaced by SSD (Solid State Drive) technology.

Where speed is key, GT-Systems make sure we’re bang up-to-date.

When we review your IT infrastructure, we check out your –

  • Security
  • Speed
  • Backups

Don’t be left behind by the pace of IT.  With GT Systems, you’ll get into pole positions and you’ll stay there.

Want to know more?  Call us today – 01604 807824 / 07920 449587


Meetup with Dan Hooley of Tegile Systems

Had a fantastic meetup with Daniel Hooley, Technical Account Manager at Tegile Systems @ the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotels

Daniel Hooley & Gehric Barreau

Supporting ‘The Lewis Foundation’ & ‘InspirationFM’

The Lewis Foundation raised £555.26 with a one hour charity bounce party at Boost Trampoline Park last night! Incredible 1hr! Music was provided by Inspiration FM DJ Mark Manning supported by GT-Systems.
The Lewis Foundations , Lee and Lorraine Lewis said, “This will pay for 120 gift packs for adult cancer patients in Northampton General Hospital”, and thanked everyone for their amazing support. A fantastic night was had by all. To find out more about the Lewis Foundation and the incredible work they do, visit their Facebook page.

Lewis Foundation InspirationFM GT-systems

Merry Christmas & A Happy Year from all of us at GT-Systems

Christmas Tip – Have you brought your loved ones a Laptop

On Christmas Day the laptop is unwrapped, you rush to the nearest socket plug it all in, switch it on and connect it to your Wi-Fi

Before you go any further   – STOP!   Before you start logging onto your social media websites, banking or any other secure sites

Check to see if the Antivirus is up to date, if not manually update

Check that the operating systems has all the latest updates, if not manually update and check again, keep doing this cycle until there is no more updates to be applied

After all this is done, then it will be safe to go online and show off your pride and joy

Merry Christmas & A Happy Year from all of us at GT-Systems


Installing Server Rack for Seagate

Currently in Woking, Installing 3 server disk array racks for Seagate with 5.1 petabytes of storage for the next 3 days


Certified Infinidat Engineer

GT-Systems engineer Gehric is now a certified Infinidat InfiniBox System- FRU Replacements Engineer – InfiniBox, high performance enterprise data storage, eliminates performance, availability and scalability issues to accelerate critical business applications.


Today’s News: – Supporting InspirationFM

GT-Systems are glad to be supporting NYC (Northampton Youth Club) with InspirationFM Under 18’s Event, It happening at the Department of Meat & Social Affairs, Bridge Street, Northampton…

Performing on the night will be Durrell Jsho and Eli Blakk, with InspirationFM selector Jason D Lewis providing the beats.

Doors open from 7PM-11PM
Entry is £3 all night

This is strictly an under 18s night for 14-17 year olds only!


Backup and Protect from Ransomware

Ransomware just got even more real: it’s now the number one attack on the business services sector. Businesses say they’ve lost anywhere from £100,000 to a half-million pounds due to the ransomware attacks.

To limit the time and costs of this kind of threat, a few steps is needed

Firstly limit user access to important files with a secure password and named users

Secondly, make periodically backups of the files and the entire systems, if you are a victim to this attack files can recovered from backup in more severe cases the entire systems can also be recovered.


Give us a call today; we at GT-Systems can guide you on the safest & cost effective solution