Hackers can use your webcam to spy on you

In the recent weeks and months there have a phising emails doing the rounds, claiming that they have footage of you and if you don’t pay them, they would release the footage to all in your contacts lists.

Below are a few things you can do to avoid this….

Be extremely careful when opening emails and don’t solely rely on your firewall or antivirus to filter these kind of emails you have to do your part too, a lot of emails looks very genuine and if that email is asking you to click on a link for example to update your password, the best thing to do is right click on the link there you will see where that link actually takes you.

Another tell tale sign of a scrupulous email is when they start off by saying “Dear customer” and not your actual name.

All webcams should be covered up, pointed away or even disconnected.

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Logitech Webcam

Upgrading Royal Air Force Simulator

Currently at the Royal Air Force upgrading their chinook flight simulator hardware, wow what a system it’s so realistic



Received a Testimonial

We received a lovely testimonial from NCN Resourcing & Consultancy Ltd, Thank You

World’s first block-chain based phone

Taiwanese electronics giant ‘Foxconn’ has currently have a joint venture with a mobile phone manufacturer to develop the first $1000 Blockchain smartphone codename ‘Finney’

This phone will be first in its type to have all the blockchain experience embedded into one device without the need for a separate USB device.

With a business start-up of $158m, there have already been pre-orders of 25,000 units.

The blockchain isn’t just for finance, there a verity of other uses from food ordering to prescription payments.

The future of blockchain and cryptocurrency isn’t going away, after a massive fall last year on its value, there now seem to be a steady market growth.

Internet turns 30 today

The internet turns 30 years old today, the inventor Sir Tim Laid wanted the world to be interconnected and for free with no restrictions, but over the past few years, Sir Tim has noticed several warning signs, one of which is a vast amount of companies offering free content or software to gain personal information. This type of activity treads all over the aspect of privacy.

The other warning signs are the ease in which misinformation (fake news) is easily spread about the social media websites with no verification of its authenticity, as more and more of us use the internet for news and the speed in which we receive this, things can get easily out of hand.

We should all be responsible for what goes on the internet.

Keep the internet clean and let’s see the next 30 years be more beneficial to mankind

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Happy New Year 2019

Wishing you all a Happy New Year from all of us from GT-Systems



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O2 Outage – The Cause

During the 6th December 2018, O2 and many other operators than use the O2 network suffered major outages leaving millions of customers with no communications.

Many rumors started to spread saying the company’s networks have been hacked or compromised, O2 quiet quickly squashed that rumor saying that they were not hacked.

24 hours later a high proportion of the network is back up, what was the cause of this major incident, apparently, some Ericson equipment using a faulty version of the software had certificates that expired this rendered them not trustworthy and so security protocols kicked in and shut down the offending equipment.

Ericson has apologised to their customers saying most of the affected customers’ network services have been successfully restored. We are working closely with the remaining customers that are still experiencing issues.

So far 2 days later all seems to be back to normal.

O2 has kindly offered 2 days compensation for the 6th December interruptions.



Beware of Phishing Emails

At this part of the year, we see a sudden increase in Phishing emails.

What are Phishing Emails?

  • They are emails that look like they came from a legitimate company i.e. Banks, Supermarkets, social media plus loads more

Generally, they will ask you to fill out a form requesting all of your details including passwords

What is real and what’s fake and where to look

  • The email address where the email came from is the main give away, in a lot of case it looks like it came from someone’s personal email account, these are people that have had their email address hacked prior to this
  • This next way to spot a fake email, if the email asks you to click a link that leads you to an obscure website name
  • Real companies will never ask you for your password or bank details, especially the CVC code on the back of the card

What are the attachments within the email?

  • Another form of phishing is sending attachments with the email and asking the recipient to open it and fill out the form, if you do happen to open these types of attachment’s in most of the time it’s too late, your computer will be infected then the whole cycle will start again using your email address to send out phishing emails to all of your friends and family
  • If you’re not expecting an email Do not open the attachments claiming to be invoices, bank statements and so on

How would I know if I get infected and what shall I do?

  • The first thing you will notice if that your company may start to be extremely slow at responding, apps and programs take ages to load
  • The other thing you will start getting calls from your friends and family saying that you are sending then spam to them
  • The first thing to do is update your antivirus guard and run a full detailed scan
  • In more extreme cases a full system restore is needed

Google chrome is 10 years old

Google Chrome first announcement and appearance was in the year 2008, soon after the release, it gained ground overtaking the well-established Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

Users found that the clean clutter free of the homepage and the speed in which the chrome browser delivered its results was a seller

Over the years there have been better and better features appearing on the browser, now 10 years on Google is releasing a major update to Chrome, New Look, Improved Password Management plus loads more.

Users on the Mac can now use the search bar/address bar for search results now display relevant information as you type

If you are Chrome user, you’ll enjoy the 10th birthday update

Chrome logo

Shall I clear out my cache

There are good and bad points to clearing or not clearing out your web browser’s cache.

Advantages to Cache

  • When you browse a website for the first time your web browser contains details about the website in a file called cache, if you browse on that same website the browser will bring up the website a lot faster basically given the user a speedier web experience

The drawbacks to cache

  • In some instances, the browser doesn’t display the up to date version of the site
  • Over time it starts to slow down your pc/laptop/mobile keeping a lot of junk memory
  • Some other website can read your cache and start targeting you with ads, in some worse case scenarios your browsing history is sent to a 3rd party server

For best practices clear out your cache once a month alongside a virus scan

Below are some links listing some steps for clearing out your cache for mobiles and desktop browsers

Click here for Mobile Users

Click here for Desktop Users