Repair Centre

Repair Centre

GT-Systems is an IT computer repairs company based in Northampton we aim to assist  with all IT issues with efficiency and via the most cost effective way. We don’t bombard any customer with unnecessary jargon and will ensure that the customer is updated and fully aware of the progress made. We also aim to ensure that any inconvenience due to your IT or multimedia issues is dealt with efficiently and the customer’s disruption is kept to a minimal.


Please see below the various options we can provide this includes the following:

Pick up and drop off equipment that require fixing, updating or any other hardware changes.

If need be we are able to provide and schedule in a home visit to resolve any issues.

Provide customers with the most cost effective solution that will cater to the customer’s needs and budget.

If you are seeking for a multimedia setup or network configuration or any other IT project that you may have, we will schedule in a consultation to ensure we have everything you wish to have done documented and made clear to the customer.

GT-Systems also carry out the following at our repair centre:

·         Apple Support – Software and Hardware upgrades
·         Installation of software & Applications
·         Data Stick + Hard Drive Recovery of deleted & lost files
·         Computer Cleaning; Remove dust that can potentially overheat the processor or motherboard
·         Configure your broadband connection to all your wireless devices
·         Installation of additional wireless devices to extend your wireless range
·         Connection of all printers
·         Multimedia home cinema setup

We can also arrange for a walk-through on how to use the equipment and or devices if need be.


NB.GT systems has a update and valid CRB certificate, so if you require computer repair services within Northampton and the surrounding areas that are based at schools, Nurseries, colleges, Churches or community halls, we are in a position to be able to come to site to complete any services that you require.