Shall I clear out my cache

Shall I clear out my cache

There are good and bad points to clearing or not clearing out your web browser’s cache.

Advantages to Cache

  • When you browse a website for the first time your web browser contains details about the website in a file called cache, if you browse on that same website the browser will bring up the website a lot faster basically given the user a speedier web experience

The drawbacks to cache

  • In some instances, the browser doesn’t display the up to date version of the site
  • Over time it starts to slow down your pc/laptop/mobile keeping a lot of junk memory
  • Some other website can read your cache and start targeting you with ads, in some worse case scenarios your browsing history is sent to a 3rd party server

For best practices clear out your cache once a month alongside a virus scan

Below are some links listing some steps for clearing out your cache for mobiles and desktop browsers

Click here for Mobile Users

Click here for Desktop Users