Christmas Postage Dates 2020

Sending season’s greetings by post? The holiday season is finally here, so it’s time to start preparing and sending your cards and gifts to your loved ones! To help plan your Christmas posting schedule, we thought we’d let you know the last posting dates within the UK: Friday, 18th December for Second Class mail Monday, 21st December for First…


Supporting Pride & Lowdown

We’re always happy to support charities & Courses, Pride Northampton & Lowdown Northampton in conjunction with the Northampton Borough Council Lowdown is a counselling service in Northampton offering Emotional Support, Wellbeing, Sexual Health, Contraception and LGBQT Lowdown has on site Crisis Café that is open at the Café Track every Monday 4pm to 8pm at the…


Transform your old Laptop

We at GT-Systems getting so many calls on laptops especially old laptops, since the lockdown parents are increasingly finding it hard to supply laptops to the kids for schoolwork If you have upgraded your laptop in the past 5 years and you still have it, there is good chance we can bring back to life…


DJs United For Our NHS

Our May Bank Holiday Lockdown Festival went down a Stream….. So pleased with the results, we raised over £1000 and over the 2 streams raised almost £5000 for the NHS so far, to donate visit our Just Giving Page Our DJs united to support our NHS. They showed up and performed an amazing festival from their own homes. It started from 7pm…


Working from Home

Is your company thinking about its staff working from home to increase flexibility and a 91% increase in productivity than working from the office, the struggles of getting to and from work are bad enough, but in this day and age, technology has made significant leaps and bounds so the security of your access is…


Windows 7 is dead

Yes, that’s rite Microsoft has ended support for windows 7 on the 14th January 2020, those you that are still using Windows7 should consider upgrading to the latest version of Microsoft operating system ‘Windows10’ Hacking has been known to hold back till the end of life of an operating before sending out Viruses & Malware…


A Great start to 2020

So happy to receive this plaque for the best presentation at the BNI Lighthouse the business breakfast networking event, a great start to 2020

Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year to you all from all of us at GT-Systems The first day of the new year, just got into the office, switch on the computer and nothing what now, call our team of tech’s and we’ll arrange a visit to get you back up and running in no time Call GT-Systems 24/7…